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My name is Rachael, it's so nice to meet you! I’m a full-time wedding photographer loving life alongside my husband/best friend Keith and our two sassy rescue cats, Cedar and Luna. Most days you'll find me workin’ away from my couch, laptop in hand, a good Disney movie playing in the background. I can’t get enough Starbucks pink drinks or bad dance moves (seriously, I dance wherever I go and I don’t care one bit if I look like a fool doing it!!!)

My big passion in this world is serving couples who are joyful and carefree by telling their stories through wedding photography. Photos are pretty much my favorite thing in this world (aside from my yoga pants), especially the airy and candid kind!

Hey what’s up hello!!

the first look

My favorite part of a wedding day is:

get to know me
wedding edition!

venti pink drink with extra ice

My go-to Starbucks order before a wedding

spend time with my husband

On my days off, the first thing I do is: 

Troy and Gabriella from High School Musical

My dream wedding to photograph:

Party in the USA

My favorite song to dance to at receptions

extra bridesmaid with a camera

The best title I have on a wedding day is

I tripped backwards over my equipment and ended up with a bloody knee (don’t worry, the camera was fine!!) 

The most embarrassing thing that happened to at a wedding was:

my trusty black jumpsuit

My go-to outfit for photographing weddings is

travel welcomed.

chicago based,

I'm a Midwest girl at my roots, but my heart beats for a good adventure!! That's probably why I spend a good chunk of my time living out of a suitcase, and I wouldn't have it any other way!!! My absolute favorite thing is when my 2 passions collide and I'm able to travel while photographing love stories all over the globe! My camera has brought me to Paris, Sydney, Cancun, Santorini, Hawaii, and counting!! 

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