It’s time for a life update (more like pupdate!) because Keith and I got a puppy!! We picked up Camper on January 25 and it’s been a whirlwind of a first month with him. I’m excited to fill you guys in on the details today!

We got a puppy!

New year… same pandemic! Since our houses are where we spend so much of our time these days, I wanted to share a few ways I’ve improved my wellness at home over the past year. If you’re like me, new routines can sometimes feel unattainable or unrealistic. These few have been manageable for me – I hope they might be helpful for you, too!

5 ways I’ve Improved my wellness at home

To say that 2020 has had its challenges would be an understatement. For this reason, I think it’s both harder + easier to express gratitude this year. On the one hand, people are dealing with unimaginable hardships – lost jobs, deaths of loved ones, loneliness. But on the other, the year has put a lot into perspective. Yes it’s a trying time, but in all of that, I’m doing my best to hold space to be grateful. Which is why I wanted to share my 2020 gratitude list with you today!!

My 2020 gratitude list

Our 2020 has probably looked similar yours… lots of time at home with our cats, Netflix marathons, and when we’re feeling adventurous, maybe a walk around the neighborhood (wine in hand!) To celebrate 4 years of marriage, Keith and I wanted to do something different and venture out for a romantic evening in Chicago!! It […]

4 Years of Marriage

I LOVE meeting new people. I’m a total extrovert and my heart is happiest when I’m making genuine connections with other humans. (I’m that weirdo who makes friends on vacation and still keeps up with them on social media 10 years later!) Yet there’s one question that creeps into almost any conversation, that our society […]

My Least Favorite Question

Hi sweet friends! It’s my 30th birthday this week, so to celebrate I thought I’d get personal and share a little more about myself with you all. Here are 30 silly/weird/mildly embarrassing facts about me. How many did you already know, and what surprises you??? I’m a lefty!! I decided to pursue wedding photography after […]

30 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Earlier this month, I hosted the CUTEST brunch for my brides at DL Loft!!! It was the perfect excuse to dress up, drink bubbly, and chat all things weddings! My 2019 brides shared their their planning expertise, while my 2020’s got alllll the wedding inspiration from the greatest event planner + designer herself, Debi Lilly!! […]

Bride’s Brunch at DL Loft

My sister Madi and I have been wanting to plan a girls’ trip FOREVER. At the top of both our bucket lists was Greece, so this summer we decided to make it happen!!! This country was one of the most beautiful and picturesque places I’ve ever visited and I’m soooo excited to share about our […]

Travel Guide: Greece

Arizona is HANDS DOWN one of me and Keith’s favorite places to escape during the cold winter months!! He loves the mountain biking and I love the photography opportunities (it’s like, the perfect compromise, am I right??) Arizona welcomed us with sunshine, beautiful views, and a laidback vibe, which is just what we needed to […]

Travel Guide: Arizona

It’s safe to say I’m a HUGE Disney fan!! From the characters to the movies to the parks, it just makes my heart happy. Some think that Disney is only for families or kids, but I don’t believe that’s the case at all! The Happiest Place on Earth has attractions for any age or lifestyle. […]

Travel Guide: Disney World