Hi, dear friends. First looks are a hot topic for so many brides, and I’m here today to help you make the right decision for what works best for your wedding day, and for you as a couple!!! So what’s a first look you ask?? It’s that intimate moment between bride and groom before the […]

Is a First Look right for you?

Earlier this month, I hosted the CUTEST brunch for my brides at DL Loft!!! It was the perfect excuse to dress up, drink bubbly, and chat all things weddings! My 2019 brides shared their their planning expertise, while my 2020’s got alllll the wedding inspiration from the greatest event planner + designer herself, Debi Lilly!! […]

Bride’s Brunch at DL Loft

Cheers to 2020!! It’s a new year, a new start, and that means there’s no better time to commit to some New Years resolutions. You’ve got a sparkly rock on your ring finger and you’ve officially taken on the title of fiancé (yayyy!) So how do you slay at this thing called wedding planning, all while […]

5 New Years Resolutions for the bride-to-be

I know what you’re thinking. The morning of your wedding day is about the last thing on your mind. How could it be more stressful than remembering your vows, or finalizing your seating chart thanks to last minute RSVPS?? Today I’m here to tell you that rocking morning prep will not only start your day […]

Tips for a Stress-Free Wedding Morning

Hey there, pretty brides!! I’m coming at ya today with some wedding advice straight from the heart. Let’s chat about engagement photos, and why I believe it’s SUPER important to have the same photographer capture your engagement session and your wedding day. Now before I begin, I totally understand this isn’t always possible (like if […]

Hire The Same Photog For Your Engagement Session and Wedding

You’ve got a brand new rock on your left hand. You can’t stop admiring how it glimmers and sparkles in the sunlight. You’re over the moon excited, soaking in the first moments as fiancés. But before you’ve had a second to absorb what’s just happened, the questions roll in. “Have you picked a date?” “What […]

The Hardest Thing about Planning a Wedding

Hi babes! I’ve been hearing a common theme from my brides lately: they are stressed silly from wedding planning! Trust me, I’ve been there. You’re faced with a million questions, tackling multiple to-do lists, and you’re likely putting pressure on yourself to plan the best day possible. It’s an exciting but overwhelming time! So how […]

5 Tips for Handling Wedding Planning Stress