One of the questions I get asked most often is what types of cameras and lenses I use, and which are my favorites. This is such a tough one to answer, because it typically depends on what I’m shooting, and in reality I love ALL my Canon gear!! Today I thought I’d do a little breakdown of what comes with me to every wedding.

What’s in my Gear Bag

Workshop hosts: Rachael Kazmier and Lindsey Taylor Venue: Providence Vineyard Planner: Ohana Events Florist: Michaela Mantarian Rentals + Styling: Elements Preserved Hair + Makeup: Hannah Elisabeth Beauty Stationary: Paper Love Club Bridal Gown: Jenny Yoo Bridesmaid Dresses: Needle and Thread Shoes: Bella Belle Shoes Jewelry: Imperial Jewelry Co. Groom’s Attire: The Black Tux Grazing Board: […]

Bespoke Workshop Recap

Click here to snag your seat! Oh, friends!!! I feel like it’s Christmas Eve. OK I know it’s August and the holidays are still far away, but that’s the level of anticipation currently bubbling inside of me at today’s special announcement!! What could possibly be that exciting, you ask?? Today Lindsey Taylor and I are […]

Introducing: The Bespoke Workshop

I can’t believe it’s been a year already since I said “I’m going for it” and jumped in feet first to life as a full-time entrepreneur. I started this biz with no formal training… just a Craigslist camera, a big dream, and a willingness to put in the work! It’s been a whirlwind of a […]

3 Things No One Told Me About Life as an Entrepreneur

You’ve been hustling away at building your biz. You’re proud of the progress you’ve made, but you’re itching to book more dream clients or work smarter (not harder). Today I’m sharing my top tips for unleveling your photography business!

Secrets to Upleveling your Photography Business

I can’t lie… working from home can be the BEST!!! No long commutes, you don’t have to iron clothes or style your hair (messy buns for days!!), and you can pet your cat in the middle of the day!! Working from home is SO great that sometimes it’s hard to focus on the actual work […]

Tips for Working from Home

Hi there, friend!! As a professional photographer, I know of a few tips + tricks to make Instagram feeds pretty (it is my job, after all!!!) And since I just loooove spilling the good stuff, read on for my strategies! They’re super easy-to-follow and best of all, you can start using them TODAY!! Space My […]

How to Get a Pretty Instagram Feed

Holy moly, it’s been a minute since I’ve done a little life update!! Time has passed as it does, and now I’m a few months into going full-time with my photography business. Today just felt right to do a check-in with all you lovely readers!!! Whether you’re here because you’re considering starting a biz of […]

What I’ve Learned During my First Months in Business

When you’re an outdoor photographer, it’s inevitable. Sooner or later, weather will get in the way of your session! We’ve all been there. As a photographer in the Windy City, I feel especially called to speak about sessions with high winds, because this is something I deal with almost every time I shoot in the […]

Tips for Windy Sessions

“How did you get started with your photography business?” “I’ve been considering a side hustle, but don’t know where to begin!!” These are some of the most common questions that pop up in my DM’s, emails, and texts, which is why I figured it was time to write a blog post about a topic that’s […]

Dear Rachael: I want to Start a Small Business